Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Productive day

 Well today I made cordial for the first time. The process I used was from Rhonda's blog. I attempted the orange one, but instead of using 1L water to 1kg sugar I used 1.5L water to 1.5kg sugar as I was going to do the lemon one but then realised I didn't have enough lemons DOH!!
1.5kg white sugar
Sam pouring water

Finished product

1.5L water in with 1.5kg sugar

What is left after filling the 3L juice bottle
will add it when I have room in bottle

All bottled up in a 3L juice bottle

After I strained it as my kids are fussy ;)
And the results are in for the cordial. FANTSTIC TASTING!!!!!!

I also made two lots of Water Kefir

Left is an expermental one with orange and ginger &
the right is the usual  lemon and ginger

1 comment:

  1. looking good there rach!

    just to clarify... is this a cordial concentrate that you dilute as you use it, or do you drink it straight?

    if its a concentrate... how many litres will it make in total