Thursday, November 3, 2011

More soap and other stuff

Today was a rather productive and busy day for me. Firstly I did my Morning Routine (we will talk about that another time) and then had a little break and did some research on toilet cleaner and instead found how to make my own orange and lemon cleaner, so I did just that, kind of. I filled these containers 3/4 full and will slowly fill them with the peel until they are full of peel and then I will leave it a few weeks.
Left - orange cleaner    Right - lemon cleaner
Then I started on my daily room, which was the bathroom so I started on the cobwebs and then when it came to cleaning the walls realized Ididnt have anything to clena them with so I researched a chemical free wall cleaner and once again I found the answer on Rhonda's blog, so I made that up also and cleaned one wall before I had to leave to pick up Josh from school and take him and Sam to cricket.

That is not the end of my night though. When the boys were in bed I made more soap. This lot is a coffee soap to take the smell of fish, onion and garlic from your hands.

The double strength coffee hot
The double strength coffee mixed
with the caustic soda

The temperature the mixture got to

The olive oil and copha

Oil and all mixed together to trace

One lot of moulds

Second lot of moulds, not happy with
how ugly this looks at the moment

All my soaps.
Left under towels - new soaps in moulds
Right - first batch of soaps

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Productive day

 Well today I made cordial for the first time. The process I used was from Rhonda's blog. I attempted the orange one, but instead of using 1L water to 1kg sugar I used 1.5L water to 1.5kg sugar as I was going to do the lemon one but then realised I didn't have enough lemons DOH!!
1.5kg white sugar
Sam pouring water

Finished product

1.5L water in with 1.5kg sugar

What is left after filling the 3L juice bottle
will add it when I have room in bottle

All bottled up in a 3L juice bottle

After I strained it as my kids are fussy ;)
And the results are in for the cordial. FANTSTIC TASTING!!!!!!

I also made two lots of Water Kefir

Left is an expermental one with orange and ginger &
the right is the usual  lemon and ginger