Friday, October 21, 2011

Water Kefir continued

Today I checked on the Water Kefir as it has been 48 hours since I made it and found this

I then strained it all into a jug and then poured that into my bottle

That is now in the fridge. It has a mild ginger taste so if you don't like ginger I would recommend using less ginger or if you love it put more in or find alternative flavours. I like it on its own but others have told me it is good with apple juice and others put saltanas in them but be sure to make sure the apple  juice is added AFTER taking the grains out and and when using dry fruit (they can be added at the start) use only unsulphered dry fruit.

Good luck and have fun


  1. well done!

    so does it taste like ginger beer at all? or is there anything you can compare it to???

    I hadn't even heard of water kefir until I read your blog :)

  2. It tastes kind if like Ginger Beer. All my kids like it except my son with Autism.
    It is very nice on its own.