Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Job charts

So faIn the past I have done job charts for the boys, but i failed to remember to get the coins necesary for them to be paid as I used to pay them per job. (see below for what job charts used to look like).

I have changed them now so that instead of being paid in money, they get points eg 15 points for feeding one of the animals, 5 points for making there beds etc. They then get to choose a reward for certain number of points.

So far it is working well, as you can see by the ticks and also by the points accumulated (the bottom of the page) that Josh is already at one of the higher level rewards (25 points is a daily reward if they choose to use them which so far they haven't used and I am considering taking away anyway as I am not sure if it is completely fair to them).

I will keep you updated on progress and I am thinking the bug rewards will either be used in the evenings when we have time or on the weekends.

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  1. Well done Rachael; I love what you have done! It is so good to set up reward chart for your children as that way they learn to enjoy doing their chores. It also teaches them that when you work hard it is a reward in it's self!
    Jilly oxoxo