Friday, August 24, 2012

My adventures

Sorry blog is so late, was out all day yesterday so didn't have time to do a post. Need to organise on days like that to do more then one blog the day before so not rushed on other days.

Anyway, yesterday was dress up day for Sam at kinder and he went as Wally (from the Were's Wally books)
Sam all dressed up
Josh (L), Sam (M) & Michael (R)

The other thing I have done today is spend some time in the laundry. I have been following Organised Home Challenges, which helps me to get more motivated lol.

While I was out yesterday I got some supplies for Kids Church and I also got some Bamboo Cotton from Spotlight to knit some dishcloths.
Bamboo cotton I bought from Spotlight
And no soap until after Monday (probably not until Wednesday night as will be out Monday and Tuesday nights) so stay tuned on those days for soap pictures.

Stay tuned tomorrow for updates on how my knitting is going.

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