Saturday, August 25, 2012

Knitting and other things

So far, with my knitting I have gotten frustrated because I couldnt figure out why my stitches were falling apart after casting on and then started knitting. That was until I looked over the video tutorial on how to cast on, that is when I realised I missed one crucial step (the last step that makes the stitches stay together). Now they are fine and i am finding a lot easier.
When I got up this morning I found my knitting unravelled, so I got it back up to were I was last night.

My knitting so far

The colors I got from Spotlight

I also went out to check on my worms (havent checked them for a long time) only to find they are all either dead or escaped, so I know what I will buying as soon as I can.

While tea was on I cleaned out some cupboards which desperately needed doing, so know I am happy with that.

Today I hope to get out in the garden to sort out my compost bins and also pick up the dog faeces (which I will feed to the last few worms I have).

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