Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Pantry clean out & stockpiling

Yesterday I decided to finally sort out my pantry as there was absolutely no order to it at all, as you can see from the pictures below.
What was on the top shelf (forgot to take picture sooner)
Pantry before (top shelves)
Pantry before (bottom shelves)

 I also sorted the cupboard next to the pantry (was kind of the junk cupboard) so I could turn it into my stockpile cupboard.

Stockpile cupboard before (top shelves)
Stockpile cupboard before (bottom shelves)

Once I had done that I was happy to do a grocery list and go shopping and I also got some stuff for my stockpile.

Pantry after (top shelves)
Pantry after (bottom shelves)

Stockpile cupboard after (top shelves)

Stockpile cupboard after (bottom shelves)

Today my plan is to finish the rest of the kitchen (stay tuned tomorrow for after pics) and then find a place for my laundry and/or bathroom/rest of house stockpile and hopefully sort out as much of my cleaning kits as possible.

kitchen cupboard before (left side)

kitchen cupboard before (middle)

kitchen cupboard before (right side)

These are my options for laundry/bathroom/rest of house stockpile.

Laundry top cupboard (top shelves)
Laundry top cupboard (bottom shelves)

Laundry bottom cupboard

Another laundry cupboard

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  1. You have inspired me Rachael! I have been putting off doing my pantry; however you have done such a good job I am inspired to make a start! I will post photos on my blog!!!
    Yours is looking great!

    I started stockpiling a few weeks ago; I have decided to add to it each fortnight! Mine has a Christmas feel to it so when Christmas is here it won't be such an expense!
    Jilly oxo