Sunday, August 19, 2012

Slowly but surely

I have a plan for today to go through the boys clothes cupboards so that they can start putting their own clothes away again. This time I will start by getting them to help me to put them away and will monitor their progress until I think they are ready to progress to the next step (putting them away all by themselves with supervision) and so on.
Josh's cupboard before
Josh's cupboard after

Sam's cupboard before
Sam's cupboard after
Michael's cupboard before
Michael's after

Obviously, Josh's cupboard is a little bare (due to lack of washing been done over the last week as we have all had the flu) but he definantly has an abundance of clothes. The clothes in these cupboards are home clothes (we live in the country so they might be stained or faded or just not as good as the going out clothes).

I have also finished my book. I will go through it (as I highlighted certain parts) and make a list of what steps I want to take and then will slowly go through the list.

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