Monday, September 3, 2012

20 days to organise & clean your home challenge Pre Challenge Task 1

I have decided to take on The Organised Housewife's 20 days to organise & clean your home challenge. This means I will need a few supplies (will get them with groceries).
I will need:

  • Ring binder
  • Pack of 5 dividers
I have the other 2, which are 40 pieces of A4 paper and a printer.

So I have done pre challenge task #1 to get ready for for the 20 days challenge.

Tomorrow I will do pre challenge task #2, so stay tuned.

I took my soaps out of the moulds today and they look good.

I will clean up the stuff I used for the soaps and might make another lot, but add poppy seeds instead.

As I am doing groceries today I have done my meal plan for the week.

Monday - Beef casserole in slow cooker with rice.
Tuesday - Tuna pasta bake with veg
Wednesday - Slow cooker corned beef with veg
Thursday - Chicken chowder with scones
Friday - Steak and veg with semolina pudding
Saturday - Spaghetti bolognaise
Sunday - Quiche with veg

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