Tuesday, September 4, 2012

20 days to organise & clean your home challenge Pre Challenge Task 2

So todays pre challenge task has been done ahead of time without me realising it. I have 3 cleaning kits already (minus a few items I am needing to get hold of). I have a bathroom, kitchen and general cleaning kit.

I got my cleaning kit from Rhonda's blog. In it I have a shaker with bicarb soda, a spray bottle with vinegar and also with window cleaner, rags, a toothbrush and rubber gloves. I still need to get scrubbing brushes of all sizes for these cleaning kits and I am also in the process of knitting cleaning cloths for these kits also, but in the meantime I am using whatever rags I have available at the moment.

Bathroom and general cleaning kit
Kitchen cleaning kit

I also have an old juice bottle filled with laundry liquid and all-purpose cleaner I got also got from Rhonda's blog to use for general cleaning purposes as well as a spray bottle (and bottles on the kitchen sink ready to be used) of this homemade citrus cleaner.

Citrus cleaner waiting to go in spray bottle
Ideally I would vacuum or sweep the main areas of my house (lounge room, dining room, sunroom and passage from sunroom to dining room) 2-3 days a week and the kitchen and under the dining room table minimum daily.

To mop I use either water and vinegar or if the floor is especially dirty I would use this floor cleaner.

Stay tuned tomorrow for Pre Challenge Task #3.

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