Thursday, September 6, 2012

20 days to organise & clean your home challenge Pre Challenge Task 4

I know have my cleaning kits all sorted until I think of something else to add to it.
Bathroom and general cleaning kit
Kitchen cleaning kit

I have also made some extra cheese sauce last night when I made tea, which is what I will try to do each time I make a sauce I will make double quantity so that when we need a quick and easy meal we can just cook some pasta and get the sauce out and it should defrost and heat up quickly and easily.

Extra cheese sauce I made up to freeze
In the fridge just in case we want it for lunch

Todays pre challenge task is to create an evening routine, so here is mine.

My room 5.00pm
5.00pm Close curtains
Boys room 5.05 – 5.08pm
5.05pm Close curtains
5.08pm Put heater on
Dining room 5.10pm
5.10pm Close curtains
5.13pm Wipe table
5.15pm Vacuum/carpet sweep under table
5.20pm Tidy room
5.25pm Take dirty washing out
Kitchen 5.30 – 5.45pm
5.30pm Start dinner
5.35pm Wash dishes
5.40pm Wipe benches etc
5.45pm Sweep
Lounge room 5.50pm
5.50pm Close curtains
Kitchen 7.00pm
7.00pm Dry dishes
7.05pm Wash dishes
7.10pm Wipe benches etc
7.15pm Sweep
7.20pm Meat out for tomorrow night

Stay tuned tomorrow for pre challenge task #5.

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