Monday, September 10, 2012

20 days to organise & clean your home challenge Day 1

Well today was Day 1 of 20 days to organise & clean your home challenge. So what is the first challenge? To clean the kitchen.

Nothing like cleaning the fridge or stove or anything like that, just the normal everyday stuff like dishes, cleaning the microwave and dusting etc.

So first up is wash the dishes, which I do with my regular routines anyway (I leave them to dry in the rack and I put them away before I do the next lot), then to do the benches and the cupboard doors.

Next is the microwave, give it a good clean (mine hasn't been cleaned in a while), wipe over the walls and the windows and windowsills and then to dust the light bulb (I don't have a light fitting over my lightbulb in the kitchen as yet).

The next step The Organised Housewife recommends is to declutter. I did this when I did my Pantry cleanout and organised cupboards so I will skip this one as I know it is satisfactory.

Organising is the next step, I want to get some baskets as The Organised Housewife has here. I have to do groceries today so will try to get some then. They will come in handy for a few things.

My new habit is to do wash the dishes before I settle down to relax of the evening and today I will try to spend 5 minutes tidying one of the bookshelves in the lounge.

Before lounge bookshelf cupboard

I will post pics on tomorrows blog of the afters of everything I have done.

Stay tuned tomorrow for Day 2 of the challenge.

yeserday I took advantage of the nice weather we have been getting and have done some gardening.

Front garden Before

Front garden After

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