Friday, September 21, 2012

Shopping and more

So I have searched high and low in my house for my over locker foot control to no avail. I have called a place in Geelong that can hopefully help me, I just have to wait a few weeks and he will get back to me.

I went to the op shop today and got heaps of jocks (am planning on toilet training Michael starting Monday as it is school holidays), socks and a board to kneel on while gardening. I also went to a garage sale and scored a Black and Decker Multi-Mix Blender and heaps of wool and some cotton. I plan on making more dish/cleaning cloths with the cotton and socks with the wool.

What I got from the garage sale
 I tested the mixer out by making bread. It wasn't so good with the bread but the I do have a bread maker so will just keep using them. Not sure if it was the machine or me as I have tried to make bread in the past and it turned out flat then too. I also made some beef stock (in the slow cooker over night). I now need to make vegetable stock and then I will have a full draw full of stock (have chicken and beef and a little vegetable).

Beef stock made 7 cups
To top it off homemade pizza for tea

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  1. Your pizza looks great Rachael! I hope you enjoyed it!