Sunday, September 9, 2012

Dishwashing and more

I just tried to make my own dishwashing detergent of sorts by filling my tea infuser with some grated soap I had made and grated ahead of time.

It worked well. I opened it up as pictured below and scooped up the soap with the tea infuser until it was that full that it was still open a little. I then pushed it down (the soap is grated finely) so that the soap was packed firmly in and then I held it  under hot water. When there was enough water in the sink I also swished it around in the water, keeping it under the running tap until I had enough water in the sink. This resulted in a lot more bubbles that stayed longer (they were still there when I finished the dishes).

I am very happy with this, although I will still buy dishwashing liquid otherwise hubby will not help with the dishes and we can't have that.

I also finished my dishcloth, although due to the holes and the fact that I am only new to this, I am thinking of making this into a cleaning cloth.

All I need to do know is get either a tapestry/darning needle or a crochet hook and weave the ends in and then I am done.

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