Friday, September 7, 2012

20 days to organise & clean your home challenge Pre Challenge Task 5

Last night I finally filled up my container with vegetable peelings (go here to see) so I put them in my slow cooker and filled it with water to nearly cover all the peel and then put some salt in and gave it a stir. I then put it on low and left it to cook overnight and in the morning I got up to the smell of vegetable stock. I then bagged them up and put them in the freezer. It made 5 cups of stock.

Beef stock bagged up and ready to go in the freezer

Filling up that container was the perfect amount for vegetable stock, but if I was to do beef or chicken stock I would need half or less vegetable peelings. Next time I fill up the container I will make sure I have a chicken and beef bones available for the stock.

Todays Pre Challenge is to set goals and to get sorting containers for when I go through each room. I need one for the items I want to keep, donate, sell and for the rubbish.

Really, when I clean I use shopping bags for items I want to donate and large garbage bags for the rubbish, so that leaves sorting containers for the items that I want to keep that are in the wrong area and items I want to sell. Not sure about the selling items as most things I just donate to charity. May give that one a miss at the moment.

I ended up picking up this from Bargain Basement.

I want to feel content when I am at home.
I want to spend more time with my kids, in the garden and doing craft.
I want an area in the home where I can sew and do craft without distraction
I want to organise my whole house
I always lose my keys
Something that I don't need anymore, but am having trouble parting with is my makeup and other facial cleansing items (I can easily make do with half of what I have and I don't wear makeup) and some of my clothing (have way more then I can wear in a year.

Stay tuned Monday for Day 1 of 20 days to organise & clean your home challenge.

Todays routine is as follows:

My room 7.00 – 7.05am
6.00am  Make bed
6.03am  Open curtains
6.05am  Take dirty washing out
Bathroom 7.10 – 7.15am
6.10am  Swish and swipe
6.13am  Tidy
6.15am  Take dirty washing out
Dining room 7.15am
6.15am  Open curtains
Lounge room 7.15 – 7.20am
6.30am  Open curtains
6.33am  Tidy
6.35am  Take dirty washing out
Laundry 7.20am
6.20am  Put a load of washing on
Kitchen 7.25 – 7.40am
6.25am  Make bread
6.28am  Make breakfast for boys
6.30am  Make lunch for school
6.33am  Put dishes away from last night
6.38am  Wipe benches etc
6.40m  Sweep
Boys room 7.40 – 7.45am
6.40am  Make beds
6.42am  Open curtains
6.43am  Get school clothes out
6.45am  Take dirty washing out
Dining room 7.45am
6.45am  Wipe table
Other 7.45 – 8.20am
7.45am  Change Michael’s nappy
7.48am  Get dressed and do hair
7.50am My breakfast
8.30am  Hang washing

WEEKLY HOME BLESSING 8.30am - 9.30am
8.30am Remove cobwebs
8.40am Dust house
8.50am Strip & remake beds
9.00am Vacuum house
9.10am Clean bathroom & toilet
9.20am Sweep and mop kitchen, bathroom and toilet
9.30am Clean fish tank

Kitchen 12.00 – 12.30pm
12.00pm Lunch
12.20pm Wash dishes
12.25pm Wipe benches etc
12.30pm Sweep
Dining room 12.38pm 12.35pm Wipe table
12.38pm Vacuum/carpet sweep under table
Laundry 12.40pm
12.40pm Sort washing if needs to be done
Other 12.45 – 3.00pm
12.45pm Study
3pm PUPA whole house
Boys room 3.15pm – 12.38pm
3.15pm Make bed
3.18pm Open curtains
Other 3.20pm
3.20pm Get washing off line

My room 5.00pm
5.00pm Close curtains
Boys room 5.05 – 5.08pm
5.05pm Close curtains
5.08pm Put heater on
Dining room 5.10pm
5.10pm Close curtains
5.13pm Wipe table
5.15pm Vacuum/carpet sweep under table
5.20pm Tidy room
5.25pm Take dirty washing out
Kitchen 5.30 – 5.45pm
5.30pm Start dinner
5.35pm Wash dishes
5.40pm Wipe benches etc
5.45pm Sweep
Lounge room 5.50pm
5.50pm Close curtains
Kitchen 7.00pm
7.00pm Dry dishes
7.05pm Wash dishes
7.10pm Wipe benches etc
7.15pm Sweep
7.20pm Meat out for tomorrow night

Will see how it goes and what needs to be changed.

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