Wednesday, September 5, 2012

20 days to organise & clean your home challenge Pre Challenge Task 3

Todays pre task challenge is to develop a morning routine. So here is mine and I also made one for the two bigger boys and I will slowly get Michael to do one as he is not quite 3 yet.

My Morning Routine is as below:

My room 6.00 – 6.05am
6.00am  Make bed
6.03am  Open curtains
6.05am  Take dirty washing out
Bathroom 6.10 – 6.20am
6.10am  Swish sink
6.13am  Swipe toilet
6.15am  Tidy
6.18am  Sweep
6.20am  Take dirty washing out
Dining room 6.25am
6.30am  Open curtains
Lounge room 6.30 – 6.35am
6.30am  Open curtains
6.33am  Tidy
6.35am  Take dirty washing out
Laundry 6.40am
6.40am  Put a load of washing on
Kitchen 6.50 – 7.13am
6.50am  Make bread
6.55am  Make breakfast for boys
7.00am  Make lunches for school and kinder
7.05amam  Put dishes away from last night
7.10am  Wipe benches etc
7.13am  Sweep
Boys room 7.15 – 7.25am
7.15am  Make beds
7.18am  Open curtains
7.20am  Get school and/or kinder clothes out
7.25am  Take dirty washing out
Dining room 7.30 – 7.33am
7.30am  Wipe table
7.33am  Vacuum/carpet sweep under table
Other 8.05 – 8.20am
7.35am  Change Michael’s nappy
7.40am  Get dressed and do hair
7.50am My breakfast
8.00am  Hang washing
8.20am  Kinder and school drop off

Boys morning routine

Stay tuned for pre challenge task #4

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